25 December 2011

looking foward. a list for 2012.

a dear friend is making a list for 2012 of her goals.  love it.  love. it.

i was inspired and am thus creating my own and sharing it here.  this space is a journal. a record. a place for lists.  a place for musings & ponderings.  in the coming year the blog will hold a few of these goals, too.

naming the goodness in every moment. 

opening my eyes to what is worthy of time and what is not. 

spending time with those who look deeply at what is true, pushing toward wholeness, authenticity, and truth. ((and doing so myself.)) 

finding a yoga guide who can stretch me beyond what i can do alone.

allowing myself the space to release negativity that doesn't involve complaint.  
((i do not do well physically holding compaint or complaining.))
name truths. name injustice. name hurts. name pain.  always holding it in the light.  

allowing the darkness to remain a space of growth, warmth, and space for goodness to spring forth.

standing in the light of my own truth while writing, recording, and dreaming my book that's taking shape into being. 
((then working on the next as there are dreams for numbers 2 & 3!))

continuing to be mindful, present to this moment.

marking my days with gratitude, relationships with kindred spirits, and by living creatively.


i am leaning into my word for 2012.  looking. listening. reflecting. 

((will share when it settles deep in my bones.))

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