19 October 2011

{this} moment.






making room.

in {this} moment i'm gathering my wits and getting my body ready for the day. i've spread the yoga mat. i've made coffee. i've packed lunches. i've put the cutting board out to chop veggies.  i've risen with the sun ((perhaps a bit before)) and am moving around barefoot.

i settle into my sitting bones knowing that i've been using my shoulder muscles in the process of creating a lot lately.  yoga continues to bring strength to my body.

between the words are spaces.  between the posts are spaces.  i've been moving through these days with gratitude, love, and excitement.  there are spaces of fatigue and questioning, too.  during this unintentional blog break i've noticed where my energy exists and where it has shifted.  called to create is happening, but i've actually forgotten to post.  seriously forgotten.  in {this} moment i let it be and will get to it.  2011 will be the final year for called to create.

this blog.  my first.  my integrated self.  this blog will continue and receive centering.  i'll dream a bit about the posts i lean toward: life stories, stories from the kitchen, studio, & garden, photos galore ((i'm in need of a new iphone & photos have been so-so)), daily bread: good quotes, and more art+spirit ponderings.

i'm moving down a goal check list that will involve simplifying so that i can pour more of myself into the projects that mean the most to me.  i'm carrying over the good, healthy, centering practices in life into the spaces of the blog.  i think it's a natural flow, one for which i'll journey all of life.

know that i think of you and this space.  i'm finding my thoughts return to RAM and i'm thankful.  it's been 4 YEARS this month.  happy birthday, reverend artist mother!  

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