07 September 2011

in the studio & at home: glimpses of the work of my hands.

at home...

patching a tear in our favorite bedsheet.  i love how the stripes ((from a thrifted tshirt)) 
work with the magenta thread on the gold sheet.  love.

make one of your own for yourself or to send to jude.

another view of the magic feather by lamplight.  
sitting in our cozy blue chair with a sip of something good.  
loving my tonic water + stitching evening.

in the studio...

a nest of creative goodness for the creativity kits.  
each cigar box is filled with items to help your creative juices flow! 

creativity kits stacked below.  love these!  
i love that these go, go, go at each show. 
i love what they become for folks: 
an intention, creative acts, art journaling, a reminder to create.

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