19 September 2011

creative rhythms of my day.

i love finding a little tin box filled with treasures in the studio.  i take them and immediately place them in this configuration.  then i step back and admire, realizing a little instagram is in order.

i've been taking photos of the jewelry i've been making of late.  it's been something of a time of meditation as i create these.  it's the season of small work: creating these one of a kind treasures, cutting tiny pieces of vintage fabric for new pendants + earrings.  creating small drawings & getting ready to set type on the letterpress.

here are a few more of the necklaces from my vintage drop series.  you'll see buttons, brass & sterling silver pieces, semi precious stones including olive jade, moonstone, turquoise, rose quartz, peruvian opal, czech crystal, and seed beads from the maasai market in nairobi, kenya.  brass birdies & owls will say hello in a few of these as well.  i love creating these beauties as a way of caring for my own soul.  creating with these two hands brings balance to my days.  my mind is freed and i release the burdens i carry.  i release what worries i hold onto and i am centered again, standing in the light of my own truth, leaning into my own calling as i witness those around me.  yes. making these means that much.

some of these have been shipped to Trohv, D.C. and others are in my studio available for purchase.  i'll work on uploading some to etsy & will share more once that's done.  i love that my work ends up in the hands of you around the globe.  i find that humbling and so, so meaningful.  thank you.

i love the arrangement that my friend erin put together as she played with my jar of jewelry making vintage fun one evening after a shared meal.  it's fun to get lost in the stories and memories these objects can pull from you.  so many fun treasures to behold.

finding inspiration in images + words.  for some time i've felt that i've needed to preserve my own writing without reading too much of others while i'm working on the book proposal.  yet, i've found that in reading what others are saying and doing in the world is very validating.  i have something fresh to add that moves within what others are finding true in their life story.  my voice is essential and that is good and enough.  i'm loving the straightforward simplicity of amanda's newest book, they rhythm of family.  i love the way she's woven what many of us do: cook, play, walk, create, sew, love, and care for our families as a way of living and breathing in the world.

i love this life, folks.  love it!  

i love the way that words bridge and connect us to one another.
i love the way silence and knowing glances can connect us to one another.

there's so much goodness and abundance.

i am so very grateful.

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