01 August 2011

in the {traveling} studio: doodle + paint process work.

what started as a doodle in my journal landed on a flat canvas board. 

and on a tv tray on the porch while i'm on the porch swing.  
the swinging adds to the art process, really.  using gouache & watercolor crayons.

my favorite intsagram filter capturing the moment. 
additional paints added. 

true colors. in process.
a somewhat blurred view, which is appropriate as i'm swinging taking the photo.  
((i just can't help myself.  where there is a swing...))

near completion.  
in a place i really, really like, 
still wanting to complete the original vision.

completion.  true colors.
photo taken in the porch swing 
where my sitting bones sat.

up close.  true colors.

completion. again, with my fav instagram filter.

more in this series to come.  i'm certain there will be photos galore to share.  
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