30 August 2011

in the studio: a day of play.

i love pulling out buttons, bra clips, vintage earrings.

buttons, buckles, and more.

i love creating space for the work of my hands.  
i love making the space beautiful. 

i love reaching into jars and finding something that's been tossed away and turn that object into something new and amazing.  i love these spaces of quiet where my hands and my soul speak.  i call these moments creative rest because my hands add restful pauses to days filled with thoughts.  my inner workings quiet and focus. i am given a chance to be fully who i am: integrated. whole.  i use my voice as i create. i am not silenced by the ones who need to shout.  my silence in these moments is my voice.  i choose what i am saying.  i choose what i am doing. 

i use my hands to create.
i behold the goodness.  

i create spaces for myself and others to find the creative voice, the creative spirit.
i create space for wisdom to be present & quiet so that wisdom can be heard.
i create space in order to live fully as an integrated person.  

they're not just vintage buttons, buckles, bra clasps.  they're each a story and a purpose and a desire.  

they are meaning.  they are voice and expression and life.  

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