17 August 2011

creative clergy: young clergywomen

each year i attend the young clergywomen's conference.  it's a sabbath space bringing rest, renewal, laughter, life, and a great deal of wisdom.  while not every soul sister was present this year, i find my heart renewed by what is and what will be.  my own circle was widened with new women to love.  as a part of the gathering, i was invited to offer a worship using creativity and bringing renewal.  we used coffee filters, water, and color to dive into our senses following an experience of guided imagery.  

i love offering myself to others in ways that add meaning and story telling to their lives.  i love sharing myself with others, when i'm welcomed.  here in this space, i felt loved and welcomed.  any moment i felt the inner critic at work, i self soothed & listened.  my sisters responded and wisdom was present.  i was affirmed by those the inner critic tried to silence within me before they spoke.  wisdom poured through them in affirmations and in their stories.  i am so thankful to step into the light of my own truth, and to have folks that experience me fully and in ways that bring light to my life.  it's the light that helps our roots grow.  

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