30 July 2011

creating space: rotating display piece for sale

folks, this is a rotating display piece, around 6-6 1/2 feet tall. ivory metal hooks in two sizes are included in this package.  the rotating display comes in 2 parts, as seen in the first image.  it's heavy enough to stay put, but easy for me to lift each part & can fit into a trunk or back seat.

i purchased this for $95 from a shop that was going out of business & liquidating inventory.  i have no idea what they go for new, but she assured me i was getting a deal.  i used it at a show to hang 11x14 prints from, which was great.  It rotates ((and does so well.))  mostly i've had it, but not carried it around so it's in good condition. It's great to hang supplies from, too. rolls of ribbon, rik rak, etc.

i'm simplifying. letting go.  less is more.
i'd love to sell it for $70 OBO. leave a message or email me at slsvinson [at] me [dot] com.

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