09 June 2011

the power of thoughts. the power of words.

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. —Lao-Tze

my dear soul friend jayme posted this on facebook today.  i love what thoughts can be sparked through FB posts that bring life and add meaning to the day. 

i'll tell you something.  my thoughts are running wild these days.  i am filled to the brim with ideas for the book i'm getting together.  i've been distancing myself from reading as much online while i write, which is a good practice for me.  sometimes i find others using my words and that can be flattering, but these days it really pulls me into some dark spaces where my thoughts aren't pretty.  yet, i choose to shift my thoughts into a positive direction: that a shared language is a sign that i am moving in the right direction with the creative spirit, moving into my truth and wholeness.  

often i shift my thoughts to the present, to the positive, to what brings life.  when i am centered, i am present and i am amazed by what takes shape in and around me. 

rather than become overwhelmed by the fearful thoughts, i release them.  believe it or not, i am afraid of what success looks like.  when things aren't a struggle, when life flows seamlessly, one step in front of another (even when the steps are difficult or sad), i think the ball will drop.  why is life good?  well, it is, even when it's not.  life's full of mystery.  life's full of adventure. life is life. 

i watch my words.  i watch my habits. i'm carefeul about how i live and how i speak.  yet, there are thoughts that have been invading my mind for years that i do not give the space to really grow.  i push them to the side and forget that the wisdom that lives within me has a space and needs to speak.  slowly but surely i've been sensing this well of wisdom rising within me.  right now i'm shaking off some of the dust from my shoes and moving forward.  many of those thoughts are ready for sorting.  

i'm writing.  i'm dreaming. i'm settling into my center and moving from that space.  i can sense the shift that's taking place.  there's a natural shift coming through my routine, my energy, my relationships, my horomones, my desires. 

i'm present.  i'm letting it be.  i'm surrendering.  

more and more i believe i'm on the path. my path.  i'm finding my way.  i'm making my way.  i'm moving forward, living into my call to mother, to minister, to create.  i'm reaching toward my destiny. 


i'm silent sometimes.  
i'm full of words other times.  

more and more i turn to the natural world around me for peace, for space.  i pick up my stitching and create.  so, i'm going to do something i've not done. 

i'm asking a few of you to light a candle for me.  you'll know who you are. 

i'm asking for prayers, good wishes, encouragement, and love.  i'm asking for you to be among those in my tribe who believe in what each of us can achieve.  i'm asking for you to root for me, grounding me in work ahead.  i know writing a book is no small task.  my inner critic, my wise elder, my light of truth are each ready for attention.  

i'll lean into my path and move ahead.  i'll share my journey as i do in glimpses, always telling the truth.  always sharing where i am in {this} moment, knowing that is a glimpse into the story.  i'm not afraid of shedding light on the reality of this journey.  

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