14 June 2011

in the {home} studio: sharing a good word & great images!

on a recent visit, the ever-wonderful rani presented me with great fun! among some of our good time spent together, we visited the studio & created some great work together.  rani used her amazing skills of photography to take these photos.  see her portfolio & recent work through her facebook page for frick frack foto. ((and you can become a fan, too!))

i've tried & tried to get these hand heart photos myself with the self timer, but they've just never turned out well. i'm thrilled ((insert girl squeeling here)), thrilled to have these: 

now to send them to the printer.  what do you think?  
i believe they capture my heart and work well.


  1. wow...they turned out great! i enjoyed my visit so much with you. thank you for the recognition of the photos, and the opportunity to share time with you in your "new" studio. you have really made your dream come true, and i could never be more happy or proud of you.

    love you...mean it.

  2. i love these so much! thank you. thank you. thank you!