09 May 2011

life stories: the story of me quilt.

my son's preschool class needed an art project for the silent auction.  i was glad to have been asked to help.  along with rebecca, rachel, carolina, and casey, i stitched.  

i need to look up the other images, but here's the process: using the purl bee's circle applique' quilt, we created a quilt of our own.  the preschoolers drew story images about themselves onto styrofoam circles and printed those images on fabric.  these were heat set after drying.  the children chose fabrics and embroidery floss for stitching.  the rest was done by the hands named above.


a close up, where you see my sweet boy's red art. 

the other side of the quilt.  love the way the circles and textures have turned out.
love, love.
it's a must-make again and again! 

they'll ship! 


  1. It's funny, I only worked on the quilt {thislittlebit} but I feel so attached to it. :) I love that the buyer of the quilt is going to have all these little pieces of the children's and quilters' souls... Hmm, methinks there is some wisdom in that statement- and an imperative to do handwork more often!.

  2. carolina! i agree. rebecca's in for the future sip & stitch gatherings & i have a quilt i'd love, love help with. you'll definately hear from me very soon. i've said those gatherings were like slumber parties. truly. loved being with you for them!!!