19 May 2011

in the kitchen: the makings of strawberry lavender jam

berries cut that have rested in sugar, pulling their juices into the pot.  no water was used.  lavendar topped the batch as they rested.  then they were set to boil.  
these berries from fertile crescent farm are so, so good.

thanks to a dear friend, chef jim introduced me to adding lavender to strawberry jam.  yum! ((the other batch was jalepeno strawberry jam, a recipe sent by our friend lisa.))

bubbling away with pectin (which i don't always use) and organic natural sugar.

the pot is sticky and sweet as i continue to add this goodness to my jars. 

the stack of strawberry lavender (plus two others that went straight into the fridge).  
the strawberry jalepeno made half this much, as i'd used a third of the strawberries i'd received from our friends at fertile crescent farm.  yum!!!

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