02 May 2011

art+spirit: a circle of creativity

each time we gather for a creativity circle, i am awed by the energy, truth-telling, sacred storytelling, and complete presence of those who encircle the table.  we step into the space, kicking the dust of the world off our feet and enter the space willing, present. 

we gather together in this sacred space and use our hands to create.  we participate in guided imagery and allow our spirits and our minds to mingle in that creative space.  

here in the space of this blog, i share a few of the works of the last creativity circle gathering in the art+spirit studio.  the first is mine, and the rest are made by dear kindred spirits.

let the light guide you this day.
take notice of the goodness that surrounds you,
burtsting forth from within your sacred self.

you are a vessle of goodness,
and authenticity.

be vunerable.  be truth. be present.

you are enough.
you are worthy.
you are whole. 

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