22 April 2011

life stories: a walk in the woods.

oh, the beauty of trees.

the sheer bliss of a walk in the woods.

carrying my camera and my eyes for seeing, 
i am ready to be present to what is before me.

with each step, i take note.

and i behold the glorious bursts of color 
in the blooms that lie before me.  

as we walk through the woods, we each experience the light and life in our own way.  many days of late, i'm finding myself quieted by the colors and blooms that surround me.  my voice is used in art, in gardening, in cooking, in listening, in sharing.  my time with family has been condensed between the movements to and fro.  i find that the quiet spaces of the woods with my boys has centered me in a good way this week.  despite allergies and fatigue, we are present to each other.  we are safe in one another's company.  we can be, simply be. together.

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