22 April 2011

life stories: dyeing our eggs

oh, the easter dyes in their special little tablets. 

sweet hands lowering the egg carefully.

using glass jars, vintage pyrex, and le creuset for the dyes.

each egg is its own, carefully created with 
my sweet boy in our cozy home.

a small array of rainbow delights. two are missing, 
as they were peeled and eaten almost immediately.  almost.

we'll dye another dozen, hide them, find them.  really it's the act of wintessing the colors that we love so much.  then seeing all the eggs in a bowl on the table.  we love that.  when the eggs are dyed, i usually use rice, grits, or egg shells (removing the liner) in the dye so that we can fully make use of this fun.  i love, love dyed rice for art. so much fun.  ((of course, you can't really eat rice that's been dyed. so... this year i'm pulling from the container of brown + white rice that was somehow mixed up some time ago. i'm not called to sort those rice back into their containers.  a little fun can come from that mishap.))

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