04 January 2011

life stories: breathing

there are markers that tell me where my emotions are present within my body. most expressive and subtle all at once: my breath.

when i am anxious, when i am sad, i am breathe shallow breaths. when i am grieving, i hold my breath. when i am mindful and at peace, i am breathing deeply. when i am focusing on an object like a candle lit in prayer, i am breathing deeply for myself and for others.

while breath gives life, the lack of breathing can inhibit our motions, our brain function, can tighten our very muscles.

so i remind myself: breathe.

it's been written on the chalk board door for some time. breathe.


yesterday i was lighting a candle (a few times throughout the day because the flame went out). i stayed home to keep my own vigil. i used the daily steps of returning home, settling into 2011, becoming familiar with our space to pray.

my heart, my breathing stopped each time i opened a new care bridge report from a dear family whose daughter had major surgery for 12 hours! to remove 100% (yippee!) of the neuroblastoma (following 6 rounds of intense chemo treatments) from her small body. these doctors are to be praised. these parents are to be loved. this child is to receive all the goodness, love, and support we can send through our breathing and through our good wishes, prayers, and energy. send it along, folks. send it along.


my breath would return each time i saw that all was moving well in the waiting space. sometimes the waiting space is quiet, sometimes filled with good information, sometimes hearing other. for this day, i was filled with relieving breaths: bringing relief to my mind, to my heart, to my soul, to my body. i cannot imagine sending love any other way: lighting a candle, breathing, and sending the love.

the journey isn't over. not by a long shot. each day is filled with goodness. each day is filled with life. each day is filled with stories. abundance.


how do you breathe today? where do you find relief?

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