14 December 2010

life stories: {this moment.}

this moment i am sitting on my resting bones. i am reflecting. i am living. i breathe into my lungs the breath of life and i give thanks. i am able to stop and picture what must happen throughout this day to move me into the spaces of promises made, hopes fulfilled, and reaching closer to a few dream stars. i am to move into spaces of sacred stories, filled with the goodness of women who are committed to be present to themselves and to one another. i move into spaces of mothering ways: getting a sweet boy ready for another day as "excellent jo star student" as he likes to be called this week.

i recognize the goodness that surrounds in the between spaces. between life and death. between understanding and cluelessness. between grocery lists and whole foods prepared. between handmade gift plans and the fabric that tops them. between the moments of sweeping the floors.

i am filled with a knowledge of the goodness i bring into this world and the spaces that i am to share that goodness. i know that the work of my hands brings delight, storytelling, and meaning to others. i am not afraid of that knowledge or sharing it here.

today i find space to sit still and be. today i make room to produce quickly, to check off the to-do's, and create a little space to sit in sadness and light a candle as a grandfather has passed from life to death to life.

this moment i find healing. this moment i find space. this moment i am a woman with a purpose, a calling. this moment i pursue that calling and create spaces for healing and presence in sacred storytelling for myself and others.

where are you this moment? sit. be. find your center. know you are loved. keep that in your pocket and pull it out when you need it most. i will, too.

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