31 December 2010

called to create: a gift for the creative

each of us has a wish, a desire. something we hold in our pocket that needs to come out from time to time.

a few of us need to create.

i'm one. i love creating and doing so in the company of others.

i've created something to share: space. each month, i gather a group of women in a space that is welcoming. we sit around a table set to feast: the soul food of presence and conversation, good tastes of food and drink, guided imagery and deep breathing to settle the mind and body and spirit, & the safety and intimacy of the space to share through creativity. the hands that gather are connected to memories of childhood touches through art. the hands that gather work well together, meeting water and color to paper. the hands that gather create art that becomes a sacred story & connects to our spirituality.

there's a collective spirituality and individual spirituality at work. some are a part of established worship spaces while others create altars in the world. all have a spiritual side that needs to be fed, a soul that needs tending.

this space is present. the hands are willing. the table is set.

a good word should be shared, and i invite you to share this good word with others.

a special creativity circle + winter retreat package. if you're interested in participating in an upcoming group in my studio, send this link to a love, a friend, a patron. create a space for self care by asking someone to gift you with this space.

wisdom speak:
encountering your voice
through the voices of your ancestors

we'll explore our inner voices and the presence of those who have influenced our being in this moment. over eight weeks we will gather eight Wednesdays beginning January 26, 2011 from 9 a.m. until Noon in the studio. using russian nesting dolls, we'll create representations of those who are within and surrounding us. from kindred spirits to midwives to mothers to inner critics, through guided imagery, creativity, and dialogue, we'll share our inner voice with one another.

$225 registration* for the entire 8 weeks.
*register by january 10, 2011 and receive a special soul mantra print soon to be released.

creativity circle:

opening the window of your soul

through the work of your hands

a monthly meeting space where women gather to explore the unique ways in which we are called to create. connecting to art first encountered during childhood, i bring projects that are inviting and bring creative success. i facilitate through deep breathing, guided imagery, art for the every day, and discussion centered on the creative spaces that exist in our daily living. creativity circle is a means of exploration, relaxation, support, and inspiration. Space is limited to each group meeting time.

Monthly themes include: Safe places. Strenth. Centering. and more...

Meeting Options:

Fourth Mondays 9:30 - 11 a.m.

Fourth Tuesdays 6 - 7:30 p.m.

$35 per session

$ 175 : 6 sessions

$ 300 : 12 sessions

creative clergy:

caring for your soul

through creative renewal

a monthly meeting space where clergy gather to take a holy breath, encounter creative expression in the midst of the liturgical year, make bread dough, laugh, and share. creative clergy is a safe space to be among colleagues in a variety of denominations, to find inspiration among one another in discussion and experiences of worship. Connecting to my experiences as a clergy woman and artist, i will facilitate through deep breathing, guided imagery, art for the every day, and discussion centered on the creative spaces that exist in our ministries, daily living, and sabbath keeping. creative clergy is a means of professional development, self care, relaxation, support, and inspiration. Space is limited for this monthly gathering.

registration: $300 for the year (12 sessions)

Meeting: Third Mondays 10 a.m - 1 p.m. Lunch Included with registration.

make a wish. if you are given the gift of a creativity circle session in any amount, a spot in the Wisdom Speak winter retreat, or as a creative clergy participant from another or from yourself, you will be sent a box as pictured above, with a rolled up print, some button blessings, and a little magic as well as a piece of paper naming what you'll have to look forward to.

make a wish, carry it in your pocket. then share it with yourself or another. let me know and you can have the wish in this box to carry all for yourself.

**all sweet boxes will be mailed the first week of January 2011.
reserve your creative space today. payment options available.**


  1. Nice!
    I wish i could attend a series of your session.
    And to have a telent/gift like them.

  2. thank you! i am working on an e-course option for 2011! maybe you can join in the fun then!

    peace to you on your sacred journey!