09 November 2010

life stories: i talk to trees.

from called to create:

speaking through each step.

as i walk my morning walk, i sometimes have to remind myself that it's a good thing to stop walking, to look up, and to listen to the trees. i listen as i walk, but i hear rustling and the movements of my feet. i love listening to each tree i pass, witnessing its growth and beauty. there is so much to notice these days as the leaves are ever-changing. the shape of the tree's branches is seen more and more as the leaves fall to the earth. each step is new, with a new leaf or two along the path. it's a conversation we're having, and it's one that nourishes my being.

each step through my neighborhood is a conversation. i've blogged before about my morning movements in the neighborhood. i have reflected on the space of peace that i try to occupy as i walk. i continue to move, one foot in front of the other. one project before me, attending to the present while seeing what's before me. there's so much to come. i feel the goodness that surrounds me while reacting to it with a little twinge or two of uncertainty. what does creative success look like? what's my success look like?

where do these steps lead?

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