20 October 2010

life stories: sacred spaces

the studio was blessed this week by the work of some amazing women. i'm thrilled the first creativity circle was such a good mix of creatives and such a meaningful experience. we'll enjoy the future together, certainly.

after the creativity circle, i swept. with the sun streaming on my sunny shoes, i had to capture the image of this creative act.

and the story of sweeping the day before. i do love the spirituality of sweeping, which was preached in sermon on sunday. i am pleased the topic of the sacred in the mundane resonated with so many. i'm glad there were many who said they would start the week in this way, too.

the space is looking so good. here's the table i found at class & trash (love the place!). i'll go back to see if i can get another table, as we need more room for any others to join the group. perfect for 6, but we need more table space for sure.

and another creative act shared here and on calledtocreate. a little gallery of my wears. not all are presented at once, but the gallery shop gives me a space to see what i do. i'll rotate for variety + to keep items from sun damage. for the space is bright and wonderful!

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  1. Beautiful. Hope to come visit.

    I love your sunny shoes.