06 September 2010

speaking through the creative spirit

over some of the previous posts, i've hinted about feeling a little more silent through the blog over these summer months than in the past. i've been living in spaces that feed my soul. life here is lived outdoors, sometimes with the macbook, sometimes with the camera, always with eyes wide open, ready to receive what is offered. ready to offer love and peace as i am able.

i can't help but love those solitary moments with my son, with our green grass (yes, green again) and with our play time together. for walks, for dancing spirits, for life lived with my loves. i have a desire to bottle up these times and hold onto them, only to realize they can happen every day, no need for bottling.

i can't help but have a sense of peace, of wholeness with these moments where i am fully present to myself and to witnessing their presence in my life. my heart is full, my hands are working, and my joy is growing. i am full of ideas and energy. i feel restored by the summer, the heat, the water, the sand. i feel restored by the break and the return to rhythm all at once.

there's so much to say about this summer: about walks, hikes, visits with friends, stitches, veggies grown and received, meals prepared, retreats and workshops scheduled. about conferences, quilts, paintings, and love.

there's much to be grateful for and much to feel connected to.

of course, there's so much in store. with the return of fall and school, there's always something new to share.

creativity circle:
opening the window
of your creative soul

this fall i'm announcing the creation of a sacred meeting space for others who want to open the window of your creative soul through my creativity circle. we'll meet once a month (space is TBA). each session will have a small registration fee that covers the use of space, snacks, and materials. Through the creativity circle, we'll offer guidance, guided imagery, introductions to creative expression, while investing in each other's creative passions & adding a little inspiration to each other through a space of safety and support. we'll explore together and sometimes even get a little messy. the best part is that there is something to share: from the work of our hands together to carrying that to other hands (some little) and sharing artistic expressions with our young ones. other creative hands are being invited to participate in leadership & guidance. registration will begin this month. the group will be limited in number. if this sounds like something that will feed your soul, please let me know. if something within you says, Yes! Yes! Yes! then you should say so. If you're not in RVA, i'll be developing an online version of this community that can bring creative exercises & encouragements to you!

yes. there's much to be thankful for: for the days and years leading to this moment. for the moments to come. for the hopes and dreams of many and for connecting to creative souls in this space.


  1. Suzanne, even though I'm not in your area, I'm so intrigued by your creativity circle idea and would love to be a part as I am able. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your generous and creative spirit with others!

  2. excellent, jenny. i'm trying to articulate what this could look like online, and some of that will certainly flow naturally into our PLG, which i'm very excited about. you're always welcome in these spaces. i'm so glad to connect with you in these creative, life giving ways!


  3. this is so exciting! sounds wonderful!

  4. I am very interested in joining. I saw your work at the Farmer's Market and fell in love with it. I try to be creative, but find it hard to find time and inspiration sometimes. Let me know about meeting times!

  5. super! i'm tentatively planning for third tuesday mornings from 9:30 - 11 a.m. in the new studio space in the northside. pencil it in. :)