21 September 2010

life stories: weekend camping

snapshots of our time at play among friends camping over the weekend.

the dock became a favorite space for dangling toes
in the water, walking, and fishing.

the pond was beautiful. with the campfire near,
it was a special space where fire, air, earth, and water
met many a story shared.

singing, laughing, sharing tales.
behold a roaring blaze where marshmallows roasted and s'mores eaten.

always time to stop and appreciate a little moss,
especially this beautiful growth.

and always time to recognize the sacred circles among us,
and tree growth is so lovely.

a fish admired from a fellow fisher friend's catch.

his own trying, barefoot and in wonder.

busy feet.

paddling feet.

glimmers of light shining, pure worship
as we created memories together.


  1. Suzanne - guessing this is from your Powhatan visit? Beautiful photos - nice to see a bit more of your life.

    I was blessed to sit beside you this evening. Your comments have prompted much thinking on this end...looking forward to some further dialogue. Will be in touch soon via email!


  2. beth,

    so good to know you. looking forward to hearing from you.