30 August 2010

life stories: buyers market of american craft: august 2010

among my favorite moments are the opportunities i have to tell and share stories. each piece of art i create is meant to tell a story. at BMAC i enjoyed meeting talented artists and fabulous gallery owners & buyers for a variety of shops. i look forward to revealing shops to you as the orders continue to come. for those who introduce my art to new shops that place an order, i'll be offering a referral gift. cheers!

enjoy the images from my booth: silver tree art. i'll upload some other images of additional artists in coming posts. this summer has been filled to the brim and i know i have a lot of catching up to do. silence in one space means words bursting in other spaces & places. there's so much goodness to share. i'm a bit excited.

the booth from a long-view.

block printed moleskine cashier journals.

peeking from behind the sunflower picked from our garden.

bright yummy treats for your home, body, and spirit.

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