19 June 2010

life stories: summer days of food

here's a small taste of some of what's been cookin' in our kitchen:

we are a people of good eats. we three love growing, cooking, and eating food. my sweet one helped this week with some yummy french toast sandwiches. these are filled with cream cheese, dipped in local eggs & fried in butter. all in moderation.

Cream Cheese Filled French Toast Sandwiches
*based on tasty treats at a B&B in Floyd, VA we once stayed with good friends for their wedding.

to make: cut your day old bread into slices. (i use our daily bread.) crack a couple of eggs in a dish, whisk & grate nutmeg into the eggs. (you can add cream if you like them a little fluffy.)

combine in a bowl: mix together 4 oz. cream cheese, 1/2 tsp. butter at room temp, a tsp. or two of powdered sugar, freshly ground cinnamon. (you can adjust the amounts according to your preference. sometimes i add jam or vanilla depending on my desire.)

spread your cream cheese between 2 slices of bread, dip into the egg mixture, & place in a buttered (or nonstick) pan that's been heated well. cook on both sides & eat while hot. these are fantastic with ginger syrup.

jo taking a picture of the process.

red cabbage, garlic scapes, & spring onions cut & prepared for slaw. i had to capture
the great colors with the morning light streaming onto the dish.

the father's day weekend blueberry pie, made for my one-and-only-true-love, who i consider a joy and a gift. i've fallen for him all again with our good summer time together: makes a world of difference. my spirit is renewed and my love grows. he's getting the royal treatment between this pie, baklava, and other homemade goodness to come.

indeed: we love our time together eating, storytelling, and laughing. all in good measure, all becoming good food for the soul.

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