29 June 2010

life stories: a retreat among my people.

i am among my people and i am enjoying each step, each moment. i miss my boys, but in my bones i know that i am where i am called to be in this moment. i've been so engaged: visually, intellectually, spiritually. it's sacred space. i share with you images and a few more words of this shared story:

in the space: our logo.

in worship: hands at work in the process of creation.

she has a place. the logo i carved on a mug.
i love, love holding her with something warm inside.

in worship: the light that burns.

in this place: i feel like God is feeding her chickens. i'm absorbing each sacred morsel.
i also love that the largest collection of john august swanson is here
at emory in the candler school of theology. sacred work.

opening doors. i use the same doodles. we tap into the creative spirit,
the creative flow in and among us.

a space in the chapel: the altar. lovely.

in the chapel: color and wax. these colors move me.

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