22 April 2010

capturing life stories

a fun new photo program to share, thanks to soule mama for introducing me to it. amanda's recent posts of wandering are so lovely. go, have a look & read. ah, the name of the photo program: hipstamatic iphone app. i love taking photos of our daily life. sometimes i take them for the act of taking them, often for the photo journaling. i love looking at the scope of our photos, the simplicity of each moment captured. i love the gentle reminders of our home, our life, our shared space.

in honor of such a lovely intention, i'll spend some time wandering in my thoughts and in my yard, in my home and in the woods (on an overnight retreat i'm leading this weekend). i'll take some pictures with my camera, but more with my mind. i'll allow those images to feed my soul, to create a space for rest in my mind and body. days like this, i love the moments stillness in the house, but more the moments of stillness in me.

today i record the stack of fabric squares with this handy new app. i record the love from many hands and the love that's to come, as color stories are created in small ways, one and two and three pieces sewn together...and the continuation of sewing until these squares becoming one side of a quilt.

the way i look at our life is much like that: one and two and three becoming stitched together into our life quilt...with stories, art, images, friends, food, and family all playing into our life story. lovely.

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