15 March 2010

quilts in the works: nanny's inspiration

my grandmother made this quilt.

she made it for me. it was made from a variety of wool blend fabrics in many sizes. she made this quilt for me when i was fatigued a lot in high school as a lap quilt for when i napped or was cold. i was cold a lot, running a low-grade fever for almost two years. i remember being the typical teenager and not showing full appreciation for its shades of color or for its uniqueness. now it's one of the quilts i treasure most. because she made it for me, because she stitched it with love, because she continues to warm me through her quilts, i want to share this quilting love with others.

for christmas i gave my younger brother-in-law the promise of a quilt like this one, to show him that we love him and can have the warmth of "home" where-ever he goes in his college life. i'm shopping thrift stores for pants that will be cut apart and made into a quilt for him. i hope to make at least one a year, using my grandmother's quilt as inspiration and possibly as design. i would like the shapes of the fabrics i find to guide the quilt as well. i think that it's a fitting tribute.


  1. Yes, what a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. I too am finding that I am realizing a deep appreciation for handmade lovelies that may have previously been discarded or looked over. So grateful for the wisdom and appreciation that comes with age. :-) xoxo