16 February 2010

a holy sigh


i find that i am able to pause more. i am able to breathe deeper and to enjoy the daily movements in life. as a minister the pace picks with Lent's arrival. i've spent more time in the hustle-bustle phase, getting those endorphins from the rushing around and minute-to-minute planning. with tasks in 4 different churches within the next week, it would be very easy to fall into those old patterns of behavior. so instead, i am reminding myself to stop and breathe. *DEEP BREATH* i find myself sighing a holy sigh, *SIGH* one that speaks in prayer & that also allows my voice to come forth.


as i sigh i am reminded of the generous moments with the young clergy women almost 2 years ago at our last preaching conference, where we practiced deep breathing, sighing, and speaking from our well within using the Linklater method. i tap into the well. i breathe deep within my stomach, sending oxygen throughout my body. as it turns out, i didn't always breathe fully, which is another story for another day.

as i breathe deeply i can feel my well being fed by the source of light and life. i'm so pleased to have others who feed into the well, offering their rich wisdom which becomes a part of my own. over the past week, i have listened and learned from women in a variety of places & spaces. from coaching to therapy, from worship to comedy, from wisdom of crazy glue to wisdom of healing & wholeness, i am listening. so much affirmation has been given as i pursue wholeness, centering myself around my inner self/divine spark/my light. the echo of each draws my attention into what i am living: that if we operate out of our who we are made to be, we will find delight & grace & peace & wholeness. we will live in wisdom & God's presence. i have devoted my attention, time, and focus to mindfulness, deep breathing, yoga & pilates, creativity, and love. all of these center around the Creator, the Source of Light & Life. i am finding myself healthier, happy, and whole. i do not believe it's all about "being happy" but about being whole. Being wholly me, which sometimes means releasing a holy sigh and accepting the grace that i can be whole.

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