25 February 2010


i've dreamed of living abroad, having a slower routine with traditions of local markets, bikes, and slow food. i've dreamed of fields fresh lavender, wine from the nearby vineyard, outdoor dining, and lots of green space for my child(ren) to run.

i recognize that the space i create for myself and my family is completely grounded by our feet, by our love, and by our attention. where we plant our feet (or our sitting bones), that's where we are home. we make home "home" because it's the space we occupy & attend to. living here, HERE, we have the advantages of time together, a yard of small green spaces, parks nearby of large green spaces, lavender along our walk, slow foods prepared in love, fresh breads, muffins, cookies, cakes & pies, a sweet garden out back that we each tend, festivities with friends and so, so much more.

i am grounded in reality: what is before me is good and wonderful. i am where i am meant to be in this moment, even if that's not where i'll always be. what i need or use my imagination to conceive is within reach. a life lived loving, grounded in reality, is enough. i occupy a suzanne-sized-space. i am grateful. i am full of the life we live. i am not alone. you are not alone.

each of us are meant to occupy our spaces, filled with love and life and light. i am not here to occupy your space or you to occupy mine. your time is yours to do with what you will. i use my time & energy and focus on what feeds my soul, renews my spirit, and allows me to live in peace, fully whole. grounded by my feet, my attentions, and my love as i pursue the sacred spirit living life creatively. i live in a way that brings wholeness to my self, my soul. there are times i will invite you into my space to be a part of my life. i hope that you'll receive me, the soul in me, and my time as a gift. i'll enjoy being invited into your space, to meet the soul in you, and honor that time as a gift. i am grounded in that truth HERE and NOW. amen.

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