01 February 2010

from friend to friend to friend

my dear friend jayme sent me an email today with a gift that resonates so deeply. a slight difference in our home: we look out the window and see the snow but lit by bright sunlight that only makes everything glow. the sparkling snow has a really lovely quality, and i know when it all melts my plants & bulbs will be rehydrated & fresh. some plants will not look the same, while others will go on. from jayme:
today is st. brigid’s day – 1 feb – in honor of when the celtic goddess/saint welcomed spring and the end of the dark winter. i write this as i look out on the snow in the front yard and grey skies. but today i am aware that warmth, sunshine and green will return soon – little bits leaking out here and there until there’s an explosion of it in a few more weeks.
[from emma to jayme. from jayme to me. from me to you.]

The mustard seed
Is full of possibility
There’s a tree in there

Reach into the sky
Little seed

What possibilities lie dormant in us
Ready to grow into being
When we let go
And open ourselves
To the light of the sun
To the refreshing rain
To the hidden depths of
The mothering earth
Solid beneath us
Yet soft to shelter out sprouting

Reach up to the sky
Let yourself grow
And one day you will
Find the birds of the air
Resting with their heads under their wings
Waking and singing the dawning of hope
Sheltering in your branches
A soft nest
A pale blue speckled egg
Waiting to be born
And to fly

Let yourself be grown
Your life is full of possibility
And you are the seed
You are the bird
And you are also the tree.
- Lotte Webb (wild goose publications)

my heart is ready for the garden to grow. my hands are ready to work within our rich soil and plant good foods that will be served at our table, some eaten while standing in the garden. oh, the thoughts of tomatoes, onions, squash, sweet peas, black beans (remember those magic beans?), and more... for now the plans will be made in my mind's eye and in daydreams. as i look upon the garden in the snow, i see what can grow up, what's hidden underground and in my thoughts.

this poem says so much about my small gardening desires and my larger desires for growth, centering, and helping others to connect the Creative Spirit to their story. we are full of possibility: from the seeds of our gardens to the seeds of our words...we are the seed. we are the bird. we are also the tree.

i love this.

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