26 January 2010

she is to be remembered

she was made alongside others, alongside women. we retreated from the world, kicking the dust off our feet at the door. we met in a circle of chairs in the chapel, sacred space. each moment was pulling us closer together, closer to our focus. each space of time was like moving into the inner circle, into the sacred circle.

through her i'll remember the comments from women i have known during my first master's & on staff at this church lo those years ago. a selection here:

i am so proud of you.
i'm excited! listing to you and being with you i was thinking, "this is suzanne in HER element!"
you're so comfortable to be around. you have such an easy-going spirit.
you are certainly called to minister to women.
your words touched me. they were just what i needed to hear.

my habit is not to truly allow these words to sink in from others, so i'm record them here as a reminder. i must see them, recognize the words and allow them to reach my toes with their warmth. of course, there were many comments, hugs, a few tears, and lots of affirmation & acknowledgements. i trust that the spirit of God was at work in our time together, lending our gifts & deepest needs to meet in the safety & sacredness of the space. my first retreat in a monastery. delightful.

and to boot: the workings of a new retreat a few months in the making have really been coming together in thought with word and writing. i am thankful for so much: for a more relaxed time in my childhood home, for creative spaces, for kindred spirits, for time at retreat, for lunch with a best friend, and for all the moments that add up to this. the creative spaces are at work.

may the blessings you receive from others be a light to hold up: a light that shines your strength, beauty, and joy in the spaces of your life where light is needed. be the mirror for those who offer that strength, beauty, and joy to the world. you are a gift. your presence is a gift.

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  1. you are doing exactly what God intended for you to do. you listened to His call. you dug your heels in and kept forging ahead.


    p.s. lunch was wonderful. i rarely get you to myself...and i enjoyed every minute of it, love. xoxo