16 January 2010

reflecting & remembering

Thoughts on Your Hands…

Yours are the hands I hold.
the hands I rub lotion onto.
the hands I wash, the hands I dry.
yours are the hands that are folded in prayer.
the hands that know my touch.
the hands that greet me and the hands that wave good bye.

My hands are the hands I hold.
my hands greet your hand with gentleness and love.
my hands are worn and dry from the hundred hand washings a day, but I hold
my hands in great esteem, so I care for them, rubbing lotion on them.
for my hands are now more cared for from your touch.
when my hands work for yours, when you cannot brush your teeth or eat your
meal, my hands are hands that bring nourishment and health.

May your hands be blessed. May your hands be cared for the way that you show care to others. Your hands are a blessing unto others. Be blessed, friends. Be blessed. Your hands (hearts, minds, & bodies) are in my prayers. Share love. Share peace.

written on 6.9.2008

this prayer & poem was written as i was departing a chaplain position in 2008. i grew in many ways during that time and am thankful for the experience. as i write & prepare, gathering thoughts, quotes, ideas, and art for the next retreat, i read my words & share them here. my mind, body, and spirit are growing in love and life as i create something new in each day. may you receive blessing & inspiration today also.

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  1. peace be with you today, my friend. love you. mean it.