13 January 2010

called to create, converse, love, cook, live...

each day i live. each day i breathe. we all are in the same boat, right? these days: i'm training myself to be present to the moment. i'm aware of each breath (almost) and each step of life (getting there) so that the moments and the whole are one in each experience. my soul feels the depth.

the way i view my call to ministry is much the same. each experience leads me to the next. my call is an evolving call, never static. it moves within me and my space as god moves. each moment in ministry to one is a moment that will impact the future, but in a way that i will not see. i have moved through my ministerial roles long enough to know this truth about my call, and i experience it with relish. so i don't balk at the opportunities that come as i'm not climbing a ladder. i'm not seeking anything "bigger" or "better" but present to be sought by god at work in and among us. i believe by that, i'm present to each opportunity, each nudge.

these thoughts are some that i've shared this week *in person* with people face-to-face. i am a talker, so it's good to be able to converse in a dialogue as well as to write here. balance. i am constantly impressed with the way in which the spirit moves & works among us, connecting us to each other and inspiriting us in the way we live creatively. i've witnessed it beyond my life, so i speak beyond my own experience. i've even found those connections in moments on twitter & fb. i've seen the connection through images on flickr. it's the shared experience that i love and connect to in so many ways. so i'm sharing a few of both: the spoken conversations & the online connection in image & words:

reading the article in the wish studio this week, i found an immediate connection. read the article yourself & hopefully you can post here if you find connection, too. there have been a few glitches in commenting on the blog. do try.

the small object always connects. her art, her path. there's a creative flow that i feel we're tapping into that it's sometimes unreal. she's a few steps ahead on this great project. while i'm cooking up ways to share inspiration to those i love, especially so far apart, sarah has it through a grand but simple birthday expression! don't be surprised if some of you see these walnut votives as seen via another inspiring favorite: little red caboose.

called to create continues to capture a creative act a day in my life story. and i'm practicing a path that's mellow, without struggling with which act to record. just deciding and moving forward. i'm sure that there will be a lovely stringed effect, like creating a beautiful vintage fabric bunting for your son's first birthday, oh those three years ago.

so as i type along, i'm tapping into the creative energy among us. how the creative spirit moves is a mystery and it's welcomed. here's to conversation, creative energy, sharing, and the love shared in each creative act.

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