24 November 2009

creative fall love & inspiration

ages old image that makes me laugh today in a moment
that laughter offers a moment of healing.

these days are the days that my need to sew and knit kicks into full gear. if you've seen my hands at any time, you know that they appreciate being used. you'd know that when my hands are working they are doodling, carving, stitching, loving, chopping, kneading, or gardening. these cool turned colder days where the sky is a shade of gray calls for charcoal gray polish (yes, i love it but am still in search of the perfect shade), earl gray tea (or some other favorite variety), and something warm to work with.

in seeking distraction this morning while my grandfather's recovering from multiple surgeries yesterday, i looked up some great tutorials on one of my favorite sites: Grosgrain. check out this incredible list of scarf tutorials. one of my favorites, #14 could easily translate into a liturgical stole. in fact, i maybe creating one or two. i've had one that's a granny quilt style cut for a few years that hasn't come together. one that i wanted to reflect how our edges, however jagged can fit together and also resemble something of beauty. we'll see. in the meantime, i'm completely inspired by this soul and her sweet attitude of sharing.

clergy friends: picture a collaborative project on a wednesday night or in worship whereby members of your community pick out a piece of cloth that can be placed on a cut fabric using a safety pin, where each person's piece can represent peace, hope, love, healing. something that they release. the possibilities of meaning are endless, really. these scraps of fabric can overlap, but should never fully cover another's. later hands in the community can gather together and stitch the pieces onto the stole or parament. what a visual image of community and coming together. piece work becomes peace work. perhaps a tragedy in the community, betrayal or reconciliation. take the inspiration and incorporate it into your work and ministry. a gift for you. this can work in a family space as well or among friends or other groups.

sew well. sew complete. sew the pieces into wholeness. each moment of our day can offer an opportunity to sew together good wishes, prayers, and attitudes into one warm, rich, loving bundle. today's project will be shared as i create an appliqued shirt from my son. it's richly entrenched with meaning. i find it particularly appropriate that as i applique i pray for and celebrate the man for whom my son is named, adding more meaning and ritual to this shirt.

always: more to come. peace. love. healing. touch. grace. joy. thanks.


  1. "piece work becomes peace work." brilliant. absolutely brilliant.

  2. not the only one with those thoughts, but it's the basis of quilting for bereavement work and what comes as i stitch. sent you some groovy links via FB.