30 November 2009

bright spots for which i am thankful

image from my first spiritual zine in the works.
©suzanne l. vinson, 2009.

moments *bright spots* for which i am thankful...

each time i am greeted with a welcomed face.
walking along the sidewalk and glancing the diversity in the ginko leaves.
sipping a cup of hot tea.
reading a good book.
sipping a cup of coffee.
birdsong in the morning.
holding my mug made by the loving hands of julie dean.
thinking of kindred spirits.
seeing kindred spirits.
connecting with another through my art.
loving my son + being loved by my son.
embracing my one-and-only-true-love.
getting a rock star haircut from amazing becky.
catching up with a long-time friend & her family.
setting plans with someone whom i love & admire.
receiving an unexpected letter, hand written.
making + eating gumbo. watching my boys savor the flavors.
giving thanks for our wise women + men. telling them so.

for these bright spots i give thanks. for these cherished moments i give thanks. for the moments yet to come, i ask for openness in receiving them and awareness of their goodness in the moment they arrive.


  1. i am really digging that picture. is that a block print? i think i may want a print with that on it. :)