29 June 2009

life stories: home

we love traveling.  simply put.  we love hiking, driving from one place to another and watching the scenery change, & enjoying nature in all its forms.  we enjoy our visits to friends and family who are living away from us.  through thoughtful conversation over the weekend, we've chosen to take the trip scheduled for this week later in the month.  which means, time at home.  

our summer has been filled with spontaneous trips to the botanical gardens, the aviation museum, and the science museum (on those rainy days).  we've run in circles in the front yard and back.  painted. made bubbles. made play dough.  all the life stories that come together in our cozy home.  this week we'll give each other time to read, work, create, and laugh.  we'll share more snoozes than normal (at least we parents hope to) and find rest and joy in our friends who will drop in.  

thank you, summer.  thank you summer for your bright, sun-filled days.  thank you for the growing garden that we pick from daily.  thank you for warm water in the pool and for butterflies in our yard.  thank you for family days and family nights.  for chasing fireflies in the front yard.  thank you for the gift you provide in keeping us healthy and whole.  

enjoy your summer rituals as we do.  off to enjoy the summer day and show love to the cozy home.

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