17 June 2009

life stories: trains

life and art intersect for me constantly.  what i create often reflects what we are engaged in through our backyard & nature outings, what's in the lectionary cycle, or where my dreams arrive.  much of my focus in the present moment takes place as i recognize the colors, shapes, and sounds around me, often giving thanks for the unexpected.  

one of my blockprints is called life quilt: dreams (pictured above).  each square is filled with a dream i have for my son or of moments in life -life stories- that we have encountered at the time of it's creation in 2008.  i reflect on these preschool days and have new hopes or hopes realized, i am constructing a new square to create.  as i do so, i look around our space at the life stories we are creating each day. among other activities, today jo has played trains.  he puts them together, takes them apart, reconfigures the trains and the tracks to new combinations of shape and color.  i love watching his intent motions and seeing his joy at what he can do.   the train is back in it's basket, waiting for another inspired moment of play.

playing with trains.  a trip to the aviation museum.  picking up fish at the seafood market.  simple moments.  life stories.  

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