14 May 2009


You can never have too many mothers.  Article on Salon.com that Soule Mama recommended on her blog.  Interesting read.  Have a look. 

yesterday i had two wonderful conversations with two amazing women who can each be identified as mother, minister, wise woman, wife, and friend.  (among other titles and hats they wear.)  each brought ideas and suggestions and questions to the table as i attempt to find steady "work" and summer employment.  what does "work" mean and why's it in quotations?  well, when i'm doing what i love, it doesn't feel like work.  when i'm dealing with difficult people it does.  so, there's a balance i strike:  i do what i love as much of the time as i can.  i'm open and willing to make myself available to other opportunities, because they arrive for a reason, too.

for some time i've been in discernment about the next step, the evolving direction of ministry and vocation.  today i'm moving myself into a realm of marketing and business plans and working toward gaining a business license for my business name(s).  whew.  

we women are smart.  we are resourceful and we are good at helping each other.  yes, i mentioned comparison and sometimes competition coming up, but on the whole i have experienced a cooperative spirit that desires for all to succeed.   in a round-about way, the article linked above shouts out that we do need help as mothers and that there are resources (hopefully) around us as we raise our children.  my son certainly has others who aid in his development, others that he loves, that he defines as family when they have no blood relation but are as meaningful to his life.  

throughout my spiritual life i have recognized those who i find a deep, godly connection.  my spiritual autobiography mapped out these relationships back in seminary.  some of those and newer relationships (in the last 5 years) are what are bringing me into a "new way of being" now and for the moments to come.  their wisdom and experience are in a way mothering me into a new space, where i feel nourished and ready to move forward.  i love the many mothers that have been in my life.  and in echoing the article and the importance of balance between males and females, i love the other fathers who have been intentional and loving and caring.  warm, caring feelings this morning as i reflect on all this good care, good intention, and good sense.  thank you, mothers.  thank you alloparents.  thank you, fathers, and those who showed me what fathers look like.  thank you, wisdom.  thank you, mother god.  

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