24 April 2009

plastic bags unite.

Fused plastic bags.  i've seen these made into bags and being sold even in target.  fleur fabrics had a couple cute coin or pencil purses made from fused bags, too.  i've wanted to try it out, thinking it should be similar to some of the plastics projects i've taught in my art workshop.  indeed they are.  see the link above for an etsy storque article on how to fuse your own plastic bags.  i know we have a small collection for those trips that i have forgotten our totes.  i'll try this soon, perhaps making some new blessing birdie ornaments or messenger birds!  

we're still enjoying the green of mississippi, the green benefits celebrating earth day (seed packs are buy one get one free at home depot), and the green dreams of our virginia home with so many of our planted seeds sprouting.  while we're enjoying our family here, we miss daddy-o back in virginia.  peace.

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