26 March 2009

music that makes us smile

Dan Zanes + Amazon = smiles.  A fun free music sampler (from one of our family favorites) to any or all who like good music for all ages.  i've written on his great music before, as family friends introduced us to his music last year and we have expanded our collection + love since then.  the big "three" celebration included a trip to his local show.  what a fun treat.  that's how good music is shared, right? one telling another and suggesting a listen.  so read on about this special act of sharing from this month's Dan Zanes Newsletter: 
the good people at amazon.com are taking a break from selling things and have decided, along with the good people at festival five records, to give you some music for free - in this case a digital sampler with many of our greatest hits called smile smile smile. the sampler includes catch that train, house party, colas, hello, pay me my money down, jump up, down in the valley, and smile smile smile. wander on over to amazon.com for your copy now. here's a wild coincidence: they also have our full cd catalog on sale from march 24th - april 21st. 

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