23 March 2009

all in a few creative days

a library trip brought a real treat.  a book i've been waiting to preview ~ and what great ideas!  
i love books that inspire and also help usher creativity.    

among the sewing endeavors ~ these shoes!  adapted from the slippers in weekend sewing.

another library find... love the author and what a great illustrator! 
a must have in the children's lit collection.
botanical garden find.  these remind me of our family trio.

our plum tree in bloom.  jo is using his skills with his new magnifying glass.  

we love walking out the front door to be greeted by this blooming plum tree.  anticipation of it's fruit is too much.  they're so good.  jo picks them and eats them immediately.  watching spring arrive is like taking in an amazing breath of awareness.  i am called to attend to the moment by honoring the blooming gifts, delighting in jo's find of a new creature, and discovering joy in the sounds of sweet boys playing outdoors.  we've started getting our hands dirty in the yard and it is good and rich and nourishing.  plans for the garden emerge from our dreams of home grown fresh veggies including heirloom cucumbers, butternut squash, a variety of peppers, sungold cherry tomatoes, herbs galore, and more.  we'll have flowers of many colors and hopefully draw more caterpillars than last year.  my soul is fed in our backyard.  it's dreamy getting ready for these planting days ahead!

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