21 February 2009

one, two, THREE...

someone in our home is turning three so, so soon!  as we prepare to celebrate his day, i wanted to share some of the makings in the works.  

i've admired waldorf dolls since before jo was born.  i'm attempting one (or two) this week using this tutorial as a base:  Handcrafted Doll Tutorial!!!!

i've made the birthday felt crowns for jo and his buddy, finishing them today.  they're cute, too.  how fun.  jo has talked about his experience in our church's telling of the birth of jesus since he was a "king" a.k.a. magi.  to make yours, follow this crown tutorial from balancing everything.  mine is waldorf inspired, but again, the tutorial used as a base design + to examine the process.  little red caboose has some for sale in her adorable etsy shop (along with some really cute matryoshka dolls *love* + picnic placemats *genius* + more sweet finds.) 

our theme this year is "fishing" as jo loves to fish.  the concept is simple, though i'll bet one can get carried away.  party prep pictures + posts to come.  expect: handmade party favor bags, cupcake toppers, and the party itself.  

we love our little one.  it's hard to believe that he's only three...and that he's as old as three!  each day with him is a joy.  we hope to create special memories of his birthday and happy times in these days that we're together.  may you create special days for yourself and those you meet.  cheers!

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