01 December 2008

these days...

a pierce pettis song comes to mind with my title.  i'm taking a moment to let my tea water boil to let you in on my solitary moments:    
i love this book.  domesticity? you might ask.  yes.  it's not what you think.  jane, whom i adore as the blogger yarnstorm, expresses the same sentiments about home life as i'm loving these days.  creating space, the pace, life outside the home, life with child, living creatively.  oh the book!  the colors, stories, compilation of life + movies + books + food + art + quilting + play.  so much fun.  it's very inspiring and fitting for these wintery blues.  the sky is gray today (which is a color I love combined with kelly green or a really fun hot pink) but i need color. therefore, while working on kacey's quilt keeps me warm on the outside and in, this book provides the same.  warm and funny!  i've been anticipating this book since i knew it was coming, but hey...thought i could wait for christmas.  

then, lo and behold, there's this place.  it's called a library.  you check books out there.  yes, i check out books regularly with jo.  dvd's too.  why i didn't rush over sooner i don't know.  2 days on hold and bam! the call came.  the book was in my hands.  tea was made.  i'm reading each word.  i'm savoring each image.  how fun!  and when jim comes in january, i hope to fully understand the english flapjack!

another treat:  new fabrics for an upcoming quilt. i love these colors and will combine them with vintage + newer fabrics in my stash.  

today's advent fun included unveiling the cute nativity set given by a congregant of the church I formerly served.  thank you, elaine!


  1. we had so much fun with you on friday. i will email you some pics tonight from outside the museum!!! :D xoxo

  2. hey there lovely one...i must say that i am so sorry we never completed our 'trade' i can send you a couple of my favorite matted art prints. 'love nut' is up on my blog right now. i read your blog frequently as you are such an inspiration to me! muah!