08 December 2008

cranberry love

as much as i love red and cranberry red at that, i wanted a strand of beads for the tree resembling cranberries.  stringing cranberries is beautiful and fun, but this year i needed to condense some of those efforts.  looking for vintage beads to dye or use as is, i wanted to make my own.  until that happens, jo and i found some simple red beads at ben franklin crafts, ready to place on the tree.  

we've been building up excitement as we plan the hangings for our tree choosing.  we went to the tree spot after nap yesterday.  last year's trip was a blast, running into the great mother and her family in the shared quest.   this year was no less fun.  we bundled up and enjoyed finding just the right tree for our cozy home.  picts forthcoming.   

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