25 November 2008


each year i make ornaments for friends & family and for the shop.  while in the past i've enjoyed making my candle, box, and star stained glass ornaments, this year i'm invested in fabric + thread.  because i love sharing and am absolutely in awe of sarah of the small object whose creativity is shared beautifully through free downloads + blog posts, i will continue to add tutorials and instructional pieces along the journey.  as an added bonus, i want to add some of my block print images for you to download (with a shared understanding of how they can be used).  what might this mean?  a matching game for yourself + kids, instructions on making a balloon ball, links to posts on oilcloth addict, and ideas for craft time for self and/or the family.

i am thankful for you, the readers of this blog, and for my shop supporters.  my art feeds me and my mind gives me more ideas than i can complete.  however, i wanted to set before you my goals of sharing.  i fully believe that there's nothing new under the sun--that the creative spirit lives in each of us.  some of us tap into that creative spirit at the same time and you'll see colors and ideas spring forth at once.  others come to ideas first and can pass them on.  we'll see what comes along here.  

my spring focus for the bereavement work will be around quilts + quilting projects.  i'm sure that will spill into this blog, as i'll be using a lot of brain power to create projects around fabric + thread.

a new post will arrive soon featuring my 2008 holiday ornaments.  all the instructions included for you to create you own, including patterns.  blessings!

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