23 November 2008

giving thanks

friends. color. beauty. hot tea. good book. great husband-partner-friend. super jo jo. family.  good food. growing food. fall leaves. making gifts. baking bread. living fully. loving new babies. stitching quilts. new ideas. creativity. support. women. ministry. ycw. peace. plants. 

there's so much to be thankful for.  my gratitude extends to so many.  i made a list of sorts last year and enjoy offering it as a sort-of prayer of thanks.  may we share our gratefulness with those we love and may that love spread to our neighbors and on into the world.

we will spend thanksgiving quietly at home with friends, travel a little ways to see mississippi friends in d.c. after thanksgiving, and welcome some of our family into our home.  

as i think about menu planning this year, i'm thinking my ala favorite:  seasonal and simple, sweet and savory.  shrimp and grits, obie's gumbo, sweet potatoes with pecans, carrots with currents & pine nuts in port wine, zuni cafe' roasted chicken (alla orangette), turnip greens & broccoli gathered from our garden, granny's fruit salad (already made a small bowl tonight), and a true holiday tradition in our home:  david's cranberry pie.  of course it's also the time for baking shortbread, molasses cookies, gingerbread pumpkin muffins, and to mull cider.  ambitious to plan for and eat all this food, but rather than gorge on all in one day, we'll add these flavors into each day, savoring each morsel.  

good food.  good friends.  good wine.  good times.  


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