03 September 2008

okay...here's the week

this week has been good. though, i'm sad without my mac. it's in rehab, but hopes to come home as soon as it's repaired. so...i've not been blogging much...or even thinking about it. the show last friday night was great. thanks to those who could come. i have a lot of new work and plant to get it into some of the shops soon! just need to get the mac back for part of that process!

good news, too...there will be a november show that i'll help organize at stir crazy cafe'. we'll have plenty of talented folks with their craft + art to show just in time for holiday shopping! and handmade!

jo has the first time in school tomorrow with the open house. he and i have gone to the playground twice this week, which is very familiar to him anyway...but gets us in the groove of heading to the church. the day school will start up fully on monday. we're teary to see how much he's grown in these 2.5 years. whew!

we (jo & i) went to VCU medical center downtown to lead a session for the unit bereavement coordinators where they made quilt squares through my program. i'm thrilled to piece these together in the coming weeks. and jo did great with our friend ann and running among the group. he has a great paper crane that one kind woman made for him. she was super.

now i'm on to doing some "home work" and preparing a sermon for sunday. all in a week.


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