13 February 2008

spring dreams

march 20th seems too far away. the first day of spring. i'm really starting to crave the sun, the wind, the plants. our rosemary is still thriving and some mint is around for my soothing mint-lemon-honey tea. i'm ready to be outside taking pictures, digging in the earth, listening to the birds, running around the yard with joseph. last year's garden was really good and i expect no less this year.

and look at this great garden gnome named gus! i've wanted a gnome, especially after watching amelie for the first time...and fifty times later, still lovin' the gnome. i'm thinking he'll be my inspiration for some new doodles and art pieces. whatcha think?

as for inspiration, i'm really getting into the pottery groove on tuesday mornings. i have thoroughly enjoyed the process of throwing. this week i practiced throwing bowls...even sick they turned out okay. some are more warbles, to use ana's expression for those artistic treasures. others are to be christmas gifts filled to the brim with yummy treats.

i'm on the road to recovery after 2 weeks under the weather. and soon i'll have a post with pictures featuring the great treats that will be at joseph's 2nd birthday party! i've gotten the wooden pieces in the post today that i'll be painting and using in the goodies bags! i really get excited planning his birthday and setting all of that in motion. march 1st will be here too soon!


  1. I was just looking longingly out my kitchen door today thinking about spring. Don moved my gnome up where I can see him and I was so glad! I need to name mine! I think mine needs to be a cross dresser. So he would be a she and her name would be Gerti. I need sleep! I am glad you are feeling better. We missed you on Sunday.

    How in the world can little Joseph be 2? I can not wait to see the goodies, your banner last year was so great.

  2. i LOVE the gnome! he is too cute! i can't wait for spring myself.

    when is joseph's party?

    oh, happy valentine's day, my love...xoxo

  3. joseph's party: i'm thinking sunday afternoon, march 2nd. i always like the actual bday, but that saturday will be very full with a conference i'll be a part of.

    and, of course, i haven't even sent out the invites!