18 January 2008

from there to here, from here to there

each night we spend at least a half-hour reading to joseph. it's so relaxing to read aloud. i'm a big fan of children's books, a collector of many years. today we've read a number of times throughout the day. it's good to see joseph so interested in life: learning, growing, eating, exploring! that's only a teeny-tiny picture of his day, but it's a picture.

my days: i'm spending a lot of time in creative thought this week...and it seems some of it is to good use. i'm dreaming of my business. i have the etsy site online, but i'm looking to create a uniquely-me website that will sparkle and send good energy to those who visit. so...i'm interested if you know of anyone who can help with that goal!

i've been working with clay in a pottery class using the wheel, working on a new block print, making some fab felt pieces for new work, painted some 3x5 pieces for a set of cards (requested by House of Lukaya, downtown Richmond), set the groundwork for new jewelry...

okay, you get the picture. the list alone is making me weary. my focus: i'm in such need to be creative that it's getting tossed in many directions. speaking of different directions: i want to say thank you to each of you (and you know who you are) who have made my life wonderful. mind you, winter is my hardest time of the year. s.a.d. the colors outside just don't feed my soul quite the way the rest of the year does. tough time. and because it's a tough time, i tend to think a lot. i mean A LOT. too much.

long time coming: for rani, kate, laura leigh, and meredith: i'm creating something special. i want you ladies to know that i keep you with me...and though i don't always water our friendship with calls or emails or letters, i do stop to appreciate each of you. and what wonderful women you are.

simply put: i love my peeps. all of you.



  1. if our world had more people like you...painting it bright...making it more creative and happy...people could never be sad.

  2. I love all of your new things...I don't know how you do it!