29 January 2008

the daily grind

the last three tuesday mornings have been a remarkable treat. i'm taking a pottery course on using the wheel at the visual arts center of richmond. ana taught jayme and me how to throw a number of years ago, and now i'm able to utilize those skills once again. each of these weeks i've found a coffee shop to sit and work in before heading to the class. it's been a treat. until...this morning...walking into what appeared to be a coffee shop, but not in the sense that you should stay. the only seating was outdoors. not cool in january weather, even for mild today. all i ask is for a seat, maybe a cushion, a table perhaps.

alas. what i am learning is that on these special tuesdays i have a little more patience. though, i do want to curl up (figuratively speaking) to that cup a joe and do a little research/reading/work to start the day just right.

am i now using my blog to vent? it's been a rough week with sad news coming in various directions. i think i'm just in need of curling up to a cup a tea tonight and taking a few deep breaths--sending out some good vibes and love to those who need it. you know who you are.



  1. java and hot tea make all better...at least on my little side of the planet!